The Laughing Matriarch

The Laughing Matriarch
ma·tri·arch/ˈ A woman who is the head of a family or tribe.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Food for Comfort and Comfort for Food; Part I

As the Laughing Matriarch, I laugh through about 98% of my life, but recently cancer made an uninvited and unexpected visited to my immediate family. Even a smile is hard to come by these days.
After a few weeks of tears and anger and confusion, I felt the need to try and wash away some of the sadness by going back into the kitchen full-force.
This isn't to say that the next few weeks/months won't be filled with tears, but I will do my damnedest to at least smile in the face of pain and confusion- and fucking cancer. 
 Once an optimist...
Of course, I still don’t have my own kitchen (next week I will!) but this lovely temporary one provided by my favorite female cousin will do just fine.

With the air conditioner cranked and an iced espresso with Bailey’s at my side, I will start this important/positive week off by cooking up the best potato salad recipe I’ve ever tasted- courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. (I will mention my slight adjustments.)
This is the real deal.

Screw the Costco Bucket O' Crap and don’t you dare bring potato salad from Vons to a gathering.

Mon dueu! (I still love France.)

Ask your hostess if you can bring something else if you can’t boil potatoes and eggs. I mean, really? You can't boil potatoes and eggs?

Anyway, here we go.
" Perfect Potato Salad for 20 or So." For the full-on recipe go to:
(I tripled this recipe for our Labor Day family gathering.)
Simple ingredients.
There is a reason it's called 'potato salad.'
Smash & mash. (But don't use the ricer- yuck!)
Sweet baby dills & green onions. Your greens.
If you don't have one of these things go buy one now. RUN! (Thank you, Cissy.)
Perfect potato salad for 20. (I fought the urge to add bacon- but you might not be as strong.)
Next up: Strawberry cheesecake.
Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.- Hippocrates


  1. You are my inspiration, Candice Reed. I was recently devastated by the news that one of my dearest lifelong friends -- Jens, who lives in London and is practically a cousin -- has terminal bone cancer. I hate f*#k@ng cancer and want to kick it's ASS. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and hope you will have lots of good days with her to come. I am still in SD and think I need to get those crazy quadruple scissors of yours and start making your potato salad...NOW!

  2. Kim- let's find some time soon. We live pretty close to each other now. xxoo